Children Talk About Hydraulic Fracturing/Fracking-Animation

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Shale Gas Fracking Q&A - Article in t...

Never mind the spin, what do we know for sure about the controversial process of fracking?

Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network

A single issue, non-affiliated, cross-community network of local people with a peaceful ethos and a positive vision for our county's development, working to raise awareness of the risks associated with shale gas extraction.

E-Action To Ban Fracking in Ireland

Add your voice to your neighbours'! Call on our elected representatives and civil servants to respect the wishes of the Irish people and ban fracking.

Gasland The Documentary Films

Gasland the oscar nominated doumentary film about fracking and the sequal Gasland 2.

Fracking Free Clare's Facebook Page

Keep up to date with the Fracking Free Clare Facebook page


Fracking Free Ireland

It's a nationawide thing. Check this out, the guys here have had a site up for a while now and have plenty of info and knowledge . . . Let's spread this campaign from shore to shore then out to sea!

Petition for Ban on Fracking in Ireland

Frack Off UK

No Fracking UK

E-Action To Ban Fracking

Add you voice! Call on our elected representatives and civil servants to listen to our concerns!

Good Energies Alliance Ireland

No to Fracking. Yes to Sustainable Energy.

Keep Ireland Fracking Free

Fracking Free Clare facebook Page


Dont Frack Our Future - Doreens Story...

Unconventional gas exploration is threatening Britain and Ireland. This film charts Doreen and John's journey from the shock of the drill rigs arrival to the sickening realisation that their lives and the lives of their family and friends will be profoundly affected.

Shale Gas Bulletin Ireland

A bimonthly bulletin with links to information on shale gas extraction and its effects. Issued by Keep Ireland Fracking Free.


Fracking Free Ireland - Clare Basin News

Last night, three geologists addressed a group in the west Clare resort of Kilkee who are opposing plans by a British–based energy company, Enegi, to commence fracking to extract the shale gas in west Clare. In December, Enegi had published a study which found recoverable resource estimates for the area to between 1.49trn cubic feet and 3.86trn cubic feet of shale gas.

Fracking Hell: The Untold Story

This short film looks at the risks of natural gas development in the Marcellus Shale throughout the United States. From toxic chemicals in drinking water to interstate dumping of radioactive waste that cataclysmically contaminates water supplies, to fracking plans in major population centres including New York City — are the health consequences worth the supposed economic gains?

Cuadrilla censured by advertising wat...

Article in The Guardian April 2013

Advertising Standards Authority orders shale gas company to tone down claims that it uses 'proven, safe technologies'

Gasland The Documentary Films

Fracking is this the future of UK ene...

Inlec spoke to a number of experts about fracking on the pros and cons of fracking and the differing opinions on how this could potentially influence the UK.

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